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The Terraforming of Mars: Mars Civilization Evidence #8

Images courtesy of NASA/ESA/MALIN/ASU


Carl Sagan, examining the Mars polar region in in his 1980 book Cosmos, wrote:


"To vaporize the caps, we must heat them; perhaps we could dust them with a dark powder,

heating them up by absorbing more sunlight, the opposite of what we do to the Earth

when we destroy forests and greenlands. But the surface area of the caps is very large.

The necessary dust would require 1,200 Saturn 5 rocket boosters to be transported

from Earth to Mars; even then, the winds might blow the dust off the polar caps.

A better way would be to devise some dark material able to make copies of itself,

a little dusky machine which we deliver to Mars and which then goes about

reproducing itself from the indigneous materials all over the polar caps."


In a nut shell, Sagan has explained the most obvious way to begin terraforming Mars

for the existence of organisms better suited to a warmer wetter climate.


Is such a terraforming process taking place on Mars today?


Many areas in the Martian polar regions, especially in newer NASA imagery, appear to be

covered in a dark dust. Even NASA describes them as such in there photo descriptions.


Here are three unmanipulated NASA images of the Martian polar regions demonstrating "dusting."

Is this just part of the natural geology of Mars? Or could there be alternative explanations?

Could there be "machines" as Sagan claims possible, that are curretly generating

dark patches in the Polar regions of Mars? Working to make the surface more hospitable?

A "dune machine" or natural geology?


Carl Sagan said:

"The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit."

Perhaps, under a tree, we will one day sit, on Mars?

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